AAFP Sets Deadlines for Awards, Proposals in 2002 - American Academy of Family Physicians

Author: Rosemarie Sweeney, Matthew Neff
Date: Dec 15, 2001

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has set deadlines for various awards and proposals in 2002. For each listing below, call the contact person at 800-274-2237 and the extension number provided, or send an e-mail.

* Application deadline for the Pfizer Teacher Development Awards, which recognize excellence in part-time teaching, is January 15. For information and an application form, contact Susie Morantz at ext. 4470 or smorantz@aafp.org.

* AAFP's Public Health Award honors members who have made extraordinary contributions to public health. Nominations must be submitted by March 1. For more information and application forms, contact Nancy Crossfield at ext. 3142 or ncrossfi@aafp.org.

* Nominations for the Mead Johnson Awards for Graduate Education are due March 1. The awards recognize second-year residents demonstrating leadership, community involvement, and exemplary patient care. Applications may be obtained by contacting Debbie Miller at ext. 6812 or dmiller@aapf.org.

* The proposal deadline is March 15 for workshops, seminars, lectures, papers, poster displays, and special interest discussions at the 2002 Conference on Patient Education, November 21 through 24, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For more information, contact Melody Goller at ext. 3134 or mgoller@aafp.org.

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