AAFP launches initiative to strengthen patients' voices in Congress - Newsletter - American Academy

Author: Matthew Neff
Date: Sept 15, 2003

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has placed an increased emphasis on advocacy in Washington, D.C. One aspect of this emphasis includes a new program that will provide family physicians with information to pass on to their patients that will encourage them to contact members of Congress on various health issues. "Our patients want a voice in their health care," said AAFP President James Martin, M.D., San Antonio. "They want to speak up for better health care, and we have an opportunity to help them." The first legislative issue being targeted by this program is the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Physicians can access background information and talking points on this issue to use when speaking with patients (www.aafp.org/x21343.xml). A two-page flyer explaining the issue also is available for printing and placing in the waiting room for patients to read (www.aafp.org/x21354.xml). The flyer encourages patients to go online to the AAFP's Speak Out page (www.aafp.org/x21348.xml) to view a sample letter to Congress.

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