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Folic acid may be added to all bread in Britain

The Food Standards Agency in the UK is recommending the addition of the vitamin folic acid to all flour and bread on sale in Britain within the next year.The agency will recommend in principle that in future all brown and white flour be fortified with folic acid.Wholemeal bread will not require additional folic acid. Calcium, iron, thiamine and niacin are already compulsory ingredients in white or brown flour.There is an ab...Wednesday, 5-Apr-2006 / [ Details... ]

Man takes 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years

Researchers from London University have revealed details of a man who claims to have taken 40,000 ecstasy pills over nine year period.This is the largest amount of ecstasy ever reportedly consumed by a single person and the consultants from the addiction centre at St George's Medical School, London, have published a case report on it.MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, is one the most ...Wednesday, 5-Apr-2006 / [ Details... ]

Skin cancer facts

Up to two-thirds of all cancers may be prevented through dietary and lifestyle changes. In the case of skin cancer, this could not be more true. To increase awareness of skin cancer risks and prevention strategies, renowned experts on the front lines of skin cancer research, treatment and patient care at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center answer important questions about skin cancer risk factors, sunscreen and skin protecti...Tuesday, 4-Apr-2006 / [ Details... ]

Cancer chemical scare over soft drinks

Tens of thousands of bottles of soft drinks were removed from shop shelves yesterday after concerns that they could contain a potentially cancer-causing chemical.The Food Standards Agency (FSA), in the UK have found levels of Benzene at nearly three times the World Health Organisation's guideline safety limits in some bottled soft drinks.The discovery has resulted in tens of thousands of bottles of soft drinks being removed from shop she...Monday, 3-Apr-2006 / [ Details... ]

CCR5 entry inhibitor problems: no clear answers yet

Three different experimental drugs that inhibit HIV by the same mechanism (blocking its use of the CCR5 co-receptor) have run into problems recently in clinical trials. But the problems are very different. CCR5 is a protein on the surface of human cells that most HIV uses to help it enter the cell (some HIV uses a different protein instead, usually CXCR4). A few people have no CCR5 (due to an inherited mutation); they appear to be in good health, and are very unlikely to be infected with HIV. T...[ Details... ]

Failure of tenofovir + abacavir + 3TC combination; full report published, more insight

In 2003 researchers stopped a clinical trial abruptly when they found that a combination of three drugs that seemed likely to work well together failed to control the virus in many patients, and led to a very high rate of viral resistance; a comparison regimen that used efavirenz instead of the tenofovir worked well. A similar combination (tenofovir plus abacavir plus ddI) also failed. However, regimens that include AZT do not fail in this way. The problem was completely unexpected, and since it occurr...[ Details... ]

XVI international AIDS conference, August 2006 in Toronto; deadlines approaching; reduced registrati

The big international AIDS conference that happens every even-numbered year will take place August 1318 in Toronto, Canada. The theme of the 2006 conference is "Time to Deliver." Everyone interested should know that important deadlines are coming up. February 22, 2006 is the deadline for submitting all abstracts (except late breakers, which must include newly available information, and even so are less likely to be accepted; late breaker abstract submission opens May 29 and closes Jun...[ Details... ]

C2EA : statewide organizing after the November caravans

Eight caravans of people with HIV and their allies traveled cross-country to Washington, D.C., for the Campaign to End AIDS' (C2EA) four days of action November 5 to 8. Organizers say about 500 people made the journey, including 50 who walked from New York City, and thousands attended events organized by C2EA and local communities along the way. Charles King, CEO of the New York City-based AIDS organization Housing Works, says the goal was to build a national movement with strength in small towns and t...[ Details... ]

Special tax break for major donors to charities—only through December 31

"For outright gifts of cash made between August 28, 2005, and December 31,2005, to charities, individuals may take a federal income tax deduction of up to 100 percent of their adjusted gross income (AGI). On January 1, 2006, the deduction limit will revert back to 50 percent of AGI." [1] This applies for donations to charities--but not to donor-advised funds or private foundations. [1] Comment Apparently this provision (of the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act of 2005) ...[ Details... ]

International drug access: NGOs urge countries "reject bad deal on medicines"

Countries are now being pressured to make permanent the August 30, 2003 WTO language supposedly written to allow poor countries access to generic medicines when they cannot produce their own. As AIDS Treatment News reported at the time, "Organizations actually providing treatment in developing countries fear that the new system will obstruct access, and that poor countries that cannot manufacture their own pharmaceuticals will be worse off in the future (AIDS Treatment News #394, September 12, 200...[ Details... ]

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