Cardiac Rehabilitation, Adult Fitness, and Exercise Testing, 2d ed. - book reviews

Author: Robert A. Price
Date: Feb, 1989

Cardiac Rehabilitation, Adult Fitness, and Exercise Testing

This second edition of the text Cardiac Rehabilitation, Adult Fitness, and Exercise Testing is indeed a valuable volume for physicians who promote physical fitness. All patients with known cardiovascular disease, pulmonary problems or metabolic deficiencies should be tested before entering exercise programs. In addition, identification of patients with cardiovascular disease is vital. Patients with orthopedic limitations should also be carefully evaluated before an exercise program is prescribed. The physician must test patient's strengths and limitations before recommending activity programs. This volume will contribute notably to the physician's grasp of such testing.

The text is divided into five sections:

Foundational Information," "Evaluation and Exercise Prescriptions," "Administrative Concerns," "Inpatient and Outpatient Lifestyle Management Programs" and "Current and Future Perspectives." A physician intent on establishing a physical fitness program will be especially interested in the chapters "Clinical Exercise Testing: Methodology, Interpretation and Applications" and "Formulating the Exercise Prescription." In addition, the information in the entire section on administrative concerns is essential for all those starting an evaluation program.

In conclusion, physicians engaged in cardiac rehabilitation or fitness programs will want to have the information so skillfully presented in this volume. This book is unconditionally recommended.

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