National Conference for Residents and Students to be Held in July-August - Brief Article

Author: Rosemarie Sweeney, Matthew Neff
Date: May 15, 2002

The National Conference of Family Practice Residents and Medical Students, scheduled for July 31 to August 3 in Kansas City, Mo., offers residents and students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the areas of clinical skills, leadership development, and career planning. Participants can choose from over 40 workshops, 15 procedural skills courses, and three musculoskeletal clinics on topics such as advanced suturing techniques, common orthopedic problems, and managing money and debt effectively. The conference also provides networking opportunities, including speaking with representatives from family practice residency programs, meeting with placement services, town hall meetings, special interest discussion groups, and social activities. Attendees will also have the opportunity to voice their ideas, concerns, and recommendations for new policies that the American Academy of Family Physicians might adopt. For more information or to register online, visit

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