Online resources to combat obesity, boost health - Clinical Briefs

Author: Carrie Morantz, Brian Torrey
Date: March 1, 2004

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling on physicians to take an active role in encouraging obese patients to lose weight. Resources available online include the following:

* The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) offers patient education handouts online at its consumer Web site, http://familydoctor. org. Handouts are available in English and Spanish on topics such as weight control, diets to lose weight, and exercise programs.

* The Surgeon General's office has launched a new information clearinghouse to help in the battle against childhood obesity. The clearinghouse is available online at More than 1,000 exercise, nutrition, healthy-baby, and other antiobesity programs are expected to participate in the clearinghouse. The goals are to set up a registry of programs and resources for parents, teachers, physicians, foundations, and government agencies interested in the latest research.

* The collaborative group, Action for Healthy Kids, has launched its redesigned Web site at The site offers a resource database and fact sheets on nutrition and exercise programs for children and teenagers, and action planning guides. The collaborative, which includes the AAFP as a partner, is working to address the obesity epidemic by promoting sound nutrition and physical activity in U.S. schools.

* The Children's Aid Society has launched "JumpStart," an obesity prevention program targeted at preschool-aged children. Information about JumpStart is available online at http://www.childrensaidsociety. org. The program's goal is to establish healthy eating habits and increase physical activity levels in very young children to prevent the later development of obesity and related health problems.

* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched "VERB: It's What You Do." The program aims to promote physical activity through research, media, partnership, and community efforts. VERB partnership efforts address other issues, including the need to ensure access to safe and affordable physical activity opportunities, both free-time and organized. Information about the VERB campaign is available online at

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