Revision of the Denver Developmental Screening Test - Tips from Other Journals

Date: June, 1992

Frankenburg and colleagues report on the revision of the widely used Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST). Called the Denver II, the new screening test was developed to update the DDST norms and to address perceived problems with the DDST. In selecting the test items for Denver II, the authors emphasized ease of administration, reliability and minimization of refusal by patients or lack of opportunity to observe by parents.

The new screening test has 125 items, 20 more than the previous version, but does not take appreciably longer to administer. The Denver II has more language items and fewer parent-report items than its predecessor and, for the first time, evaluates speech intelligibility.

The authors emphasize that the Denver II is only a screening test and that it is meant to be used as a first step in the detection and diagnosis of developmental problems in children. Interpretation of the test results must take into account the individual child, his or her family and pertinent environmental factors. (Pediatrics, January 1992, vol. 89, p. 91.)

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