Therapeutic Pharmacology. - book reviews

Author: Joseph Dipalma
Date: Feb, 1989

Therapeutic Pharmacology

By Glenn D. Appelt, Ph.D., and Jennifer McNew Appelt. Pp. 503. Price, $34.50. Lea & Febiger 600 Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 1988. This book was primarily intended for pharmacy students but would also be useful for other health professionals. The text covers pharmacologic approaches to clinical disease from the viewpoint of pathophysiology. It attempts to rationalize a drug therapeutic approach.

The book is organized around organ systems, starting with the central nervous system and traveling through the autonomic nervous, cardiovascular, circulatory/reticuloendothelial, renal, endocrine, respiratory, digestive/gastrointestinal, reproductive/genitourinary and the integumentary/connective tissue systems. Each chapter briefly describes the anatomy and physiology of an organ system, followed by a discussion of associated diseases and disorders. Finally, the drugs and their applications are described. Drug interactions are covered in each chapter.

Written in a simple and lucid style, the book includes only pertinent details. For example, no references are given unless a diagram has been taken from another text. Multiple-choice examination questions are provided at the end of each chapter. Numerous diagrams and tables amply illustrate the text. Attractively produced, the book is easy to read.

Obviously intended more for paraprofessionals than any other group, this book may be too unsophisticated for the needs of family physicians. However, for a quick, up-to-date review, this text might prove very useful.

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