Post-traumatic stress disorder as a cause of night sweats - Letters to the Editor - Letter to the Ed

Author: Wilhelmina J. Rietsema
Date: Sept 1, 2003

TO THE EDITOR: The article, "Diagnosing Night Sweats," (1) in American Family Physician mentions anxiety as a cause for night sweats. As a physician in the city of Oxford, England, I care for a large number of refugees from military conflict zones such as Kosovo, Africa, Kashmir, and Afghanistan. The most common cause of night sweats in our practice is not tuberculosis or human immunodeficiency virus, but post-traumatic stress disorder. When patients present with night sweats, they are usually referring to night terrors when they awaken soaking wet and in terror after flashback-nightmares.


(1.) Viera AJ, Bond MM, Yates SW. Diagnosing night sweats. Am Fam Physician 2003;67:1019-24.


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