Traditional Chinese medicine contains human placenta

MHRA (Medicines) has recently become aware of a traditional Chinese medicine called Nu Bao. The product patient information leaflet lists human placenta (Placenta hominis), deer antler (Corna cervi pantotrichum) and donkey skin (Colla cori astini) as ingredients.Human placenta, deer antler and donkey hide are all potential sources of infection. As the information on the source of the ingredients is very limited, making an assessment of the risk is problematic. However, the inclusion of any animal derivatives or human tissue poses potential risk of infectious diseases due to the transmission of infective bacteria and viruses.Consumers should not take this product, which is comprised of pink and brown capsules packaged in a red and gold carton. Anyone taking the product should discontinue its use and consult their doctor if they feel unwell.

The Agency's Inspection and Enforcement Division has written to known suppliers of this product in the UK to instruct them to cease marketing Nu Bao in the UK with immediate effect and to cancel all advertising and promotion including Internet promotion and sales. Anybody that comes across this product or has any further information on suppliers of this product, should inform the MHRA immediately by contacting Gift Minta,, 18-102/A Market Towers, London, SW8 5NQ, telephone 020-7084 2617.

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