White House Budget to Cut All Funding for FP Training Programs - family physicians - Brief Article

Author: Matthew Neff
Date: March 15, 2002

President Bush's proposed budget for fiscal year 2003 includes no federal funding for the primary care and dentistry cluster (Section 747 of Title VII of the Public Health Services Act), which includes family physician training. "We appreciate President Bush's recognition that significant areas of the country do not have enough doctors," said Warren Jones, M.D., Ridgeland, Miss., president of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). "However, eliminating the only federal programs specifically designed to support family medicine training is the wrong response to the problem." The budget summary states that a geographic maldistribution of physicians remains, with too few physicians in inner cities and rural areas. According to research by the Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Practice and Primary Care, students attending schools that receive Title VII family medicine funds are the most likely medical specialists to practice family medicine or primary care and to practice in underserved rural areas. Despite Bush's recommendation of zero funds for Section 747 programs in last year's budget, Congress appropriated $93.05 million.

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